How to do shoulders training exercises

The deltoid (commonly called shoulder) is composed of 3 different muscle bundles: the anterior deltoid, the lateral deltoid, and the posterior deltoid

The correct training for the shoulders cannot ignore the presence of exercises that develop all 3 bundles of the shoulder, in fact, despite the fact that the deltoid is not a large muscle, its development gives importance and harmony to the whole body. The shoulder training exercises, therefore, focus on all three sections here.

The development of strength and general volume is usually achieved with multi-joint exercises such as the military press.

For the development of the front part (front deltoid), isolation exercises are used such as the front risers with dumbbells or barbell. For the lateral part of the deltoid are indicated exercises in which the movement of the arm is parallel to the torso as the lateral raises with dumbbells both sitting and standing.

The exercises for the shoulders are many, and this allows you to vary the workouts considerably.

uprazhneniya-dlya-deltovidnikh-mishc How to do shoulders training exercises



The frontal lifts to the cables is an exercise that affects the front of the deltoid with limited involvement of the trapezius, a muscle-defining exercise.

Conclusion: a minimal effort can do a lot for your painful shoulder

Performing 2-3 exercises once a day will not steal more than 10 minutes, maximum 15: as a commitment, it is really minimal.

uprazhneniya-dlya-deltovidnikh-mishc How to do shoulders training exercisesEven with minimal effort, excellent results on shoulder pain can be obtained: in this regard, I mentioned the clinical study of my English colleague first.

For shoulder pain, many therapies are often tried, but one forgets one important thing: the problems related to the MOVEMENT can be solved only by going through the MOVEMENT.

This is why even a few simple exercises can be more effective than many therapies, as we saw earlier.

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